Hi friends, I'm Kayleigh.

I grew up in Cumbernauld, Scotland - a small city adorned with wildflowers, woods and rainy dew drops. I like to think that my deep earthy roots carried with me when I moved to the western slope of Colorado.

I traveled the country for a few years with my husband Eric when he was a professional FMX rider. Backflipping his dirt bike was how we made a paycheck and it was a thrilling way of life; think Nitro Circus aswell as some real life circus'. We decided to start a family and now have 3 little ones, and are settled safely back in Fruita CO.

On any given day you'll find me homeschooling my babies, out for a family bike ride, journaling & planner prepping, throwing dinner in the crockpot and studying my bible. I'm a lover of chick-fil-a, sunsets with golden light, La Croix, and anything that makes me feel something. .

From a young age I've always held space for artistic ventures, from painting to poetry - I am a lover of the arts and expression. I adore capturing sweet family moments on camera, and I especially love to capture LOVE! Give me all the newly engaged couples, the sweethearts, the adventurous ones, and the tender souls. Show me the love and emotion between mamas and their littles and I am all over it! Every day spent with someone you love is truly a special gift.

The memories may fade, but having the photos keeps them alive and gives them their legacy.

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