Why I only shoot at golden hour

July 30, 2021


Golden hour is my jam guys if you can't already tell. You’ll never catch me shooting anything before 7:30PM unless it’s my own kids for fun 😜

There’s a few reasons I choose this as my go-to session slot:

☀️STYLE. It’s my own personal style preference. Every photographer should have a signature style, so you kind of have an idea of what you’re going to get when you schedule your shoot with them. I absolutely love sun flares, rays, sunset colors and the softness of the light that the golden hour glow gives you. It warms up any scenario and just brings a depth of intimacy to your images.

☀️VERSATILITY. Shooting even just 30 minutes in this time frame, gives me different soft lights, glows, colors, and when the sun goes down I can still shoot into the “blue hour”. This means many different ways to shoot - into the sun, front of the sun, in open shade etc. So its a great indication that you’ll get a good variety of photos!

☀️COMFORT! In Colorado it’s hot as heck right now. Shooting at this time gives us a good coolness and stillness in the air. We don't want to be sticky with sweat or have kids uncomfortable. Those evening breezes are heavenly too! Bugs don't seem to be as annoying either. Another good point is that in the evenings there usually isn’t anyone hiking through our locations, getting in our shots, or random dogs running around. So it helps keep everyone comfortable and relaxed. 

Not to mention, it’s just beautiful. It’s what I love. The clouds give us contrast if we get them, and it compliments my editing style to make each photo look so poetic. I live for the dramatic clouds in a scenic sunset, and the shadows and depth of the shrinking sun. Drench me in gold!

As you could probably assume, this means I'm very limited to the slots I can fill as I can only support one shoot per night. So if you'd like to get on my books, reach out so we can set up a date that works for both of us. I can't wait to meet you!

AND I always have other photographers I’d be happy to refer you to, if golden hour shoots don’t work for you. 🙌🏻 It’s all love. 

Family session - Redlands in Grand Junction, CO

Maternity session - Grand Junction, CO

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